Water line services

Water Line Installation


Building a new home and city water is available in the street?  We can help you get it to your new home.  All installations carry a 5 year guarantee on all material and workmanship.

Well to City Water Conversions


Is your town currently converting from well water to city and gave you a deadline to connect?  We can help!  We are a start to finish contractor.  We pull all permits, excavate and do all the necessary plumbing in your house ourselves, no subcontractors.  All installations carry a 5 year guarantee on all material and workmanship.

Water Line Repair


Do you have a leak in your water service?  In most case same or next day service is available.  All work is done giving as much care to your landscape as possible.  All repairs are made with the finest material and carry a 5 year warranty on the section of pipe replaced.

Trenchless Water Line Replacement or Installation


Does your waterline need to be replaced but is not accessible?  Do other contractors want to dig around your entire house to get it done?  We have a solution!  We have two different methods of trenches installation methods and 20 years experience using them that make Flow Tech Utilities the best choice!

Fire Service Water Main


Commercial buildings need more water and bigger pipes, we do that too!  We also install ductile iron water services for fire sprinkler systems.

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